NewsMcCombie explores State Senate

July 20, 20210

“Democrat politicians drew this map behind closed doors and consolidated me with other Republicans, aiming to push me out of office,” said McCombie. “Rather than challenge a House colleague, many community leaders I represent are encouraging me to run to continue to represent them in the State Senate in District 37.”

“I am not done working for the people of Illinois! Illinois taxpayers expect an honest, efficient government with an appreciation to protect our investments in shared priorities,” said McCombie. “My understanding of our agricultural economy in rural Illinois, how education and skills training policies can open doors to head of household jobs in rural and state line communities, and the experience to protect and speak strongly on behalf of struggling taxpayers in Illinois. The transparency, work ethic and perspective I bring coming from the state line region is a unique viewpoint that a legislator from the central part of the state likely has not experienced.”


Quad City Times

Clinton Herald

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