Tony McCombie

Her diversified experience has molded her into a qualified candidate that understand the importance of a business friendly climate, economic growth and regionalism.

Tony McCombie

As State Representative and previous Mayor of Savanna, Illinois, Tony McCombie has a proven, nonpartisan record of finding ways to work together to improve efficiencies and solve problems that have promoted growth and morale throughout Savanna and Carroll County. Tony was elected in 2016 and actively travels the district and pushes to end the culture of corruption and complacency in Springfield. She understands the need to work in a bipartisan manner to develop and deliver common-sense reform to Illinois. Her main priorities remain in fiscal stability, education, growth, and public safety.

Tony also actively works in the real estate industry, where she started from square one and has built growth through hard work, creativity, and communication. Owner of Blue Appraisals, LLC, a real estate appraisal company serving Illinois and Iowa and a real estate broker with Mel Foster Co. Her diversified experience has molded her into a qualified candidate who understands the importance of a business-friendly climate, economic growth, and regionalism.

For fifteen years, she has been married to Curt, a volunteer fireman and lab technician at DuPont in Thomson, IL. She is part of a close-knit and active family, and her time revolves around them and outdoor recreational activities.

We live in a time where the government is incapable of working together for us, our children, and our most vulnerable. Tony McCombie is a citizen legislator who has a proven record of working successfully with others to get the job done.
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