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NewsMcCombie on bipartisanship: ‘The best thing that could happen for Illinois is to have a little more balance’

January 25, 2022

State Rep. Tony McCombie (R-Sterling) is urging lawmakers in Springfield to work together to battle the rising crime rate in Illinois.

“I believe the intent of all of us on both sides of the aisle is good,” McCombie said during a recent hearing with the House Judiciary-Criminal Committee. “How we get to the finished product and what the finished product always is isn’t always so good.”

McCombie is convinced Republicans and Democrats working together on the issue would be a good starting point.

“When it comes to working together and collaboration, respect … has to come on both sides because our initiatives being brought in on the conversation (are) extremely important,” she said. “We put ourselves on the ballot to do that with you. So we have to be heard as well and not ignored.”

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